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The only thing better than decking out your home for the holidays is saving money...

The only thing better than decking out your home for the holidays is saving money on that same gear—and Black Friday is primed and ready to help.

While lots of sweet deals have been available for much of this month, the big kahuna is coming up the day after you eat your weight in turkey, Nov. 26. (Be sure to check each store’s hours for details, and note that Macy’s sales are a bit early, starting on Nov. 23.)

So whether you’re in the market for a new faux Christmas tree, trendy home gadgets, and other fun finds for your home, now’s your moment to pounce.

A word of caution, however, about shipping delays and low inventory this season: Stores will be stocked, but not at the levels we’re used to.

“Retailers are facing supply chain and delivery challenges that are making it difficult to restock shelves and warehouses when items are selling quickly,” says Kristin McGrath, editor and shopping expert at RetailMeNot.

The bottom line? If there’s a must-have gift on your list, get it ASAP! Here are a few Black Friday deals to consider adding to your cart now.

Mini waffle iron

The nonstick coating makes cooking a breeze.


Price: $10 (23% off)

There’s nothing more adorable than a little 4-inch waffle on your plate—and for just 10 bucks, you can give this mini iron to everyone this year.

Brenda Raftlova, shopping expert at Offers.com, picks Target for home and gift deals at the holidays and notes this “cute, compact appliance has been trending on TikTok and can be used for all sorts of recipes.”

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Try waffling up some hash browns, mini grilled cheese sandwiches, and more in this device that also comes in six other shades, including yellow, red, and silver ($10, Target).

Keurig coffee maker

The slim profile fits neatly on even the smallest kitchen counters.


Price: $70 (63% off)

If you prefer just a cup or two of coffee rather than a big ol’ pot, this mini Keurig is the perfect way to save on counter space, and will be more than half off. (It’s usually $180.) It brews a cup of joe in just 2 minutes, and you can choose from a range of settings like iced and bold ($70, J.C. Penney).


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Smoothie maker

Power your mornings with healthy drinks and protein bowls.


Price: $140 (22% off)

Blend, mix, chop, and more with this blender-processor combo. Budgeting expert Andrea Woroch recommends that you track this price in case you qualify for an adjustment if it gets cheaper on or before Dec. 24 with Target’s price match guarantee. We love that acai bowl prep just got a whole lot easier ($140, Target).

Light-up door mat

Experience a song and light show every time you enter the house.


Price: $17 with coupon (64% off)

It’s a bit kitschy, we know, but it’s also a delight to display and your kids will flip. This fun mat comes with batteries and will play a little ditty if you step in the right spots. Bonus: Having it at your entry means the kids might wipe their feet more often ($17, Kohl’s).

Popcorn maker

A hot air popper saves calories.


Price: $10 (66% off)

An adorable pink popcorn machine for 10 bucks? Sold! It also comes in red and teal, and the cute little chute directs your fresh snack right into the bowl. There’s even a little cup to hold butter that melts when the machine is popping ($10, Macy’s).

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Shark robot vacuum

Three brushes can sweep up your dog’s fur fast.


Price: $180 (41% off)

I love to vacuum up my toddler’s Cheerios all day long, said no one, ever. Make like the rest of the world and get yourself a robot vacuum for the holidays, which zips around your floors while deftly avoiding no-go areas like ledges and stairs. You can even shout orders at this device via Alexa or Google Assistant so it does your bidding ($180, Macy’s).

Countertop garden

Choose from pink, sage, white, or black containers.


Price: $80 (53% off)

You’ll pocket tons of dough while growing fresh herbs all winter long. This nifty kit is the perfect gift for your mother-in-law, sister, or hostess who’s throwing her annual bash after a year off due to COVID-19.

This counter garden kit comes with its own grow light and seed pods for sowing two types of basil, parsley, dill, mint, and thyme ($80, Macy’s). Raftlova favors this green pick for its small footprint that’ll suit most countertops.

Faux pine tree

A solid metal stand is included with the tree.


Price: $100 (58% off)

This pretty 6.5-foot pine is pre-lit with 400 bulbs and ready for display in the living room. A skinny profile means you can tuck it into a corner or fit it in a small alcove, and the branches are hinged, making them quick and easy to pop in as you assemble ($100, Macy’s).


Select from six shades, including two plaids.


Price: $50 (64% off)

A cozy comforter is just what your college coed needs this winter. This one reverses to soft sherpa, and is ideal for errant spills and other mishaps since it’s machine-washable ($50 and up, J.C. Penney).

Knife set

You can’t beat 12 pieces for the price.


Price: $20 (84% off)

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Cuisinart is a classic brand and a full set of knives, with every option you’ll need, is a steal at this price. Pull the trigger on several of these for any nieces and nephews if they’ve launched from their nests and are setting up their own homes ($20, J.C. Penney).


Choose from dots, stripes, florals, and more.


Price: $7 and up (75% off)

Gear up your guest space with new sheets—or pick up a set for your kid who’s off to college. At just $7 for a twin set, you can’t beat these machine-washable microfiber linens. There’s also a wide range of patterns that’ll suit most bedroom decor (from $7, Macy’s).

Black Friday deals that actually aren’t

During the frenzied shopping taking place on Black Friday, you may be tempted to pick up items that might seem like bargains, but experts argue otherwise. In particular, good prices can be seen on big-ticket items like washing machines and fridges, but you’re better off waiting to buy them.

“Shoppers will see even bigger savings on these on Labor Day or Memorial Day, which are times that are historically known for their appliance deals,” says Mackenzie Shand, shopping expert at BlackFriday.com.

For example, the Hisense French-door fridge is slated to be $500 off at Lowe’s this Black Friday, but Shand has seen prices dip even lower on three-day weekend sales.

It’s also hard to resist pretty new wrapper paper as you cruise the aisles or click through the screens. And yet, you can do better if you wait a bit longer.

“The discounts on this item are modest at best during Black Friday, so consider holding off until December, when the real deals hit as retailers push to clear shelves before the end of the year,” says Shand.